About Me

Name: Grazyna Chyla-Kaczmarek
Age: 32
Nationality: Polish
Location: Dublin, Ireland

I am graduated from University of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland.
During my studies I found that drawing and sculpture are those of my special interest in their traditional as well as abstract form. All of my drawings are about human silhouette presented in different ways and aspects. Be it a nude, or a portrait, or an illustration, human being is always there.
I put special emphasis on children's silhouettes because of my other passion and qualification which is Art Education. The "wall" size of my drawings gives me freedom and the feeling that I am inside it. Small piece of paper does not give me this kind of comfort.
I also do copies of old masters from time to time and treat that as an eye exercise.
My good eye for detail and design, technical skills and broad interests, let me swing between many art disciplines.
Recently working as an assistant of Irish artist Patrick O'Reilly I have discovered material called air dough and used it in modeling well known cartoon characters for Brown Bag Films. I enjoy it much and this is an opportunity to practice my skills in a bit different field of art. One of the recent work is also a "Thread couple" - what I love about it is that they are fully posable. I'm going to work on their armature to make it more easy for animating and in the future would like to try some short stop motion animation using them.
If you have some questions, comments, ideas to share or enquiries please go to contact details on the website.
I will do my best to answer it as soon as possible.
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